Decoding Existentialism

Existentialism is a philosophy that explores the meaning of life.

The positives of existentialism entail leading a meaningful life; however, the underbelly of existentialism is the the dreaded existential crisis.

If you have read “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma you know the narrative of Julian Mantle all too well and how at the peak of her success as a lawyer, she suffers a heart attack that drives her to stop and question everything she’s ever know about her existence. In search for enlightenment she traded in her lavish life for one with monks in the Himalayan mountains.

I strongly believe that the existential crisis happens at a time in our lives when we need it most. Usually when we are on overdrive and desperately need an act of God that will cause some sort of inflection.

This sort of experience although confusing and overwhelming, guarantees one thing-clarity around purpose/reason for existence which I certainly think is a great starting point if we are to live meaningful and impactful lives.