What would have happened if Africa was left to do things her own way?

How would Africa have turned out had she never have been colonized?

Were the subtle luxuries that came with colonization worth the price our continent will pay forever and are we forever indebted for this intervention or did we get the short end of the stick in the deal?

Traveling through Ethiopia left me with more questions than I had answers to. The main one being: what would have happened had South Africa never been colonized?

Having interacted with the locals and viewing this with a business lens when I see a big government owned distributor, banking with a local leading government bank,

It seems to me like a distorted image but why? Because I’ve been taught that competition makes and keeps a market healthy?

Seeing the locals walking the streets of Addis, left me thinking about whether working hard and climbing a ladder of sorts is actually what human being were made to do, or were we just made to live and coexist with others in peace until our time on earth was over?

There are pros and cons to communism obviously. One of the positives relevant to this post is the fact that the people are protected no matter what; irrespective of their social class, background and upbringing.

I also felt that tinge of guilt again for experiencing Africa for the “first time”, yet always being proud to say I am an African- speaking about a continent I knew little about.

The vulnerability I discovered in my ignorance left me hungry for knowledge about the history of my fellow countries which I feel I should have known, just like others know so much about mine.

I was so detached from the pulse of each country, and I’ve taken for granted all these many years, the golden thread that ties our continent together as Africans.

I do feel though that our school syllabus is partly to blame as we are taught about South Africa and our history (the censored, on the record parts)yet other Africans can writes essays about off the record events that happened to Africa.

Looking back now on my experience of of beautiful mama Africa, I realize that I’ve barely scratched the surface of her beauty, culture and history. My appreciation for the uniqueness of Africa and its people is something that I marvel at and am so proud of. I cannot wait to discover more!


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