Advice to the matriculants of 2018


As you prepare for your final year in high school, on behalf of the generations and age groups that came before you I just want to start off by saying please bear with us! You are about to see some really dumb and hilarious challenges we experience with technology at work. Please don’t laugh.. try with all your might to be patient and help us where you can.

Having a sister born in this age group, I can tell you one thing for certain. These- kids- are- quick. Technology is inherent in them and unfortunately for consumerism, so is common sense. These guys are drawn to corporates with strong CSI focus and delivering goods and services via technology, to them, is a no brainer. The hardest generational group to service, they are both relevant and knowledgeable. Their future inclusion in the entrepreneurship space will without a doubt see a rise of new and unique marketing strategies, a heavy reliance and preference for seamless delivery through technology and groud- breaking ways to target consumers; never mind the influence they will bring on corporates to heighten focus of CSI involvement, because work won’t just be about getting a steady paycheck every month.

Already being in the environment and seeing the tension and internal battle with employers around millennial management, my soul can only cringe at the thought of this matric group entering the workplace. Many of these individuals will not come to understand  or tolerate the “whys” and shortcomings of bureaucracy, they will come to work, simply work, shoot the lights out and dare you not remove the obstacles in the way for them to flourish. These guys have got it figured out with a Plan A, B and Z and while my generational group is still polite with being acknowledged and included, this group won’t be taking any prisoners. Interesting times ahead…


In closing, some friendly advise from a post matriculant to ALL 2018 prospective matriculants:

  • There is no better time to be true to yourself and what you want your future to be than when those university applications open. All of a sudden, EVERYONE WILL KNOW “WHAT IS BEST” FOR YOU.
  • If there is one thing I can tell you, which I emphasize to my little sister all the time, it is that your future is yours and yours alone, and so is your happiness. Do what makes you happy, go with your gut and grow a tough skin early, it will help you learn when and when not to justify your decisions and also to stick with them.
  • Not everyone wishes you the best, even if they are a relative or a friend. So keep those goals and dreams in your heart, constantly visualizing them and working every day to realize them.
  • Your dreams are valid. I repeat, YOUR DREAMS ARE VALID. Each and every one of them. You might have a dream that will seem so “big” or so crazy… maybe because you haven’t seen anyone who looks like you in the field you want to go into… maybe no one from your family has ever attended university… or maybe you’ve been told that in order to make it you need something that people like you just don’t have (I have been told this…. I have been told many things but they are all NOT TRUE). Your mind is a powerful tool. Whenever my sister tells me she can or cannot do something, I always tell her she is right… because its true. Nothing is more powerful than your mind and no one else can encourage you to work hard, aim high and do your best unless you want to.

Lastly, enjoy this year… before you know it, it will be gone and you will have no choice but to adult. 2018 might seem like its holding you back from living your “best life” but just like anything, it shall pass and if you weren’t present in doing what you needed to do, you’ll find yourself coming short with skills and lessons for your next journey. So be present, be mindful and do your best, the first time over.

I love all you young millennials so much and wish you all nothing but the best in your matric year of 2018!


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